Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Muslims believe the Bible is corrupted and therefore they do not read it. Pray for a desire and curiosity among Muslims to read the Bible.

Recently a Muslim man asked for a Bible and an electronic version of it was send to him. He also send it to 5 of his friends. In a very short time he and three of his friends became Jesus followers. In this case the key was that they started to read the Bible.


  • For more Bibles to be translated into languages Muslims are speaking.
  • Pray for more audio Bibles to be distributed to people that are illiterate.
  • There are radio programs where large portions of Scripture are being read. Pray that Muslims may come across these programs.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will lift the veil over their minds and hearts so that they will be able to understand the Scriptures.

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