Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Project Syria is a virtual reality initiative that puts the user in the place of an eyewitness of the events that happen in the country, allowing them to see it from a subjective viewpoint. These apps help people to move from the reality of the war in Syria to the new reality of being a person living in a new country.  It is working with Smartphone apps that are readily available amongst​​ ​refugees.

This situation of people arriving into Europe and needing refuge has been raised by different perspectives in the sector of video games and technological interaction. These video games and theological interaction create a way for refugees to integrate into their new environment.  This “tool” is available in 13 languages and is being translated into more languages.


  • Pray for refugees to find refuge and safety in their “new” countries. Pray for them to quickly adapt to their new cultures and for love and acceptance by the people in the communities where they live.
  • Pray for Christians to reach out with practical help – like teaching the refugees to use this new app and similar tools that they can use to help them in their new nation.
  • Pray for Christians to demonstrate the love of Jesus in such a way that refugees would be affected by it and would want to know more about Jesus.

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