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A prayer watch for men (married or single). Available in English and Afrikaans.

The name of this prayer watch was taken from 1 Chron.12:32: “From (the tribe of) Issachar, 200 chiefs, who know their times and what ought to be done.”

The focus is for men to take spiritual responsibility:

  • to pray as husbands for their wives,
  • to pray as fathers for their children,
  • to pray for their local churches and
  • to pray for their work place and the nation. 

    This prayer watch takes place via a Whatsapp broadcast list. A broadcast list is NOT a chat group. A short direct message with one prayer topic is sent 5 times a week – less than 60 words.

    Join us:

    1. Add the name Issachar Watch with the mobile number +27829008124 to your contacts list.
    2. Send a Whatsapp message to the number with your name and surname, and whether you want to receive messages in English or Afrikaans.


    A WhatsApp Prayer Watch with either a national or international prayer focus, will occassionally be launced as the need arises. These specific prayer sessions will be communicated to all subscribers to the WhatsApp group via a WhatsApp message. These times of intense prayer will generally last 1-2 days only. Jericho Walls may also alert you to national and international situations that need prayer, without necessarily activating a WhatsApp Prayer Watch.


    In between these prayer alerts this Prayer Watch will be dormant. The only activity will be the adding of subscribers.  If you would like to participate in the WhatsApp Prayer Watch initiative, please follow the instructions below.

    If you would like to participate in the WhatsApp Prayer Watch initiative, please follow the instructions below.

    Instructions to join the Jericho Walls WhatsApp Prayer Watch:

    1. Add this name and mobile number to your contacts list: Jericho Walls WhatsApp Prayer Watch  +27817161203
    2. Send a WhatsApp message to this number with your first name, surname, email address, city, country and mobile number, including the country code (for South Africa it is +27).
    3. Instructions for each prayer session will be communicated to all participants when the WhatsApp Prayer Watch is activated.

    Thank you for joining us as the Lord calls us to pray during these times of special prayer initiatives.

      Please Note: Jericho Walls will not respond to any messages sent to this number. If you would like to contact us, please call our office on +27 (0)12 365-3213 or email us at

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