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Holidays often prove to be more challenging than relaxing for most families. Do you desire a fresh start in your relationship with your wife? Having devotion time as a couple can be as difficult in later years as it was easy in the beginning. Why not decide to pray for one another this year? You can start by praying separately. Ask the Lord to lead you and bring you closer to one another and closer in your relationship to Him, so that in time you can sit and pray together for one another.


Daily thank and praise God for your wife!


The list below contains some suggestions; add to it as the Holy Spirit leads you. Print it out and endeavour to pray every day for at least one of these issues for the next 12 months.

  • Pray for her spiritual growth, an increase in her faith and for a holy life.
  • Pray for her role as mother and her relationships with her children.
  • Pray for her relationships with her friends and others.
  • Pray for what she reads and watches, and over the social events she attends.
  • Pray that she prioritizes well and lives accordingly.
  • Pray for her beauty, clothing and grooming.
  • Pray for her sexuality to be pure and open towards you.
  • Pray for her fears and worries (but do not judge her in this regard).
  • Pray that she will attain her God-given purpose and live her dreams.
  • Pray for emotional stability and moods.
  • Pray for her physical protection, strength and health.
  • Pray for protection from attack launched by the Evil One. Pray for her work and ministry to prosper.
  • Pray for her future – for security, hope and joy.
  • Pray that she will be obedient to God above everything.
  • Pray that she will be filled with the Holy Spirit and produce the fruits of the Spirit.
  • Pray that the sevenfold Spirit of God will operate in her life according to Isa.11:2.
  • Pray that she will experience God’s peace in her daily activities.
  • Pray that she will find life meaningful and that she will abound in joy.
  • Pray for her role as spouse and friend.
  • Pray against all forms of deception, temptation, and 3rd parties in the marriage. Resist all forms of divorce, lust and defilement.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment in the Spirit for her.
  • Pray for her relationship with her parents and in-laws.
  • Pray that she feels emotionally nourished in your relationship.
  • Pray that she will know she is appreciated and valued, and that she will feel secure. Pray against feelings of inferiority.
  • Pray that she will be able to resolve past hurt, rejections and disappointments, and receive healing.
  • Pray that you live in such a way so as to enable your wife to accept and follow your leading and guidance.
  • BLESS your wife (Num.6:24-26, 1 Chron.4:9).
  • Daily thank and praise God for your wife!

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