Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

During the European summer tens of thousands of Gulf Arabs (from countries in the Arabian Peninsula) go to Europe on holiday. There are Christians, churches and some organisations that have dedicated summer outreaches to these people. One specific organisation is focusing on 5 cities in Europe where large numbers of these people will stay. Sometimes an extended family will simply book a whole hotel for this period.


  • Labourers.  For the Lord of the Harvest to call out the trainable, mouldable volunteers to come to these cities to share the Gospel.  This summer, new concepts will be introduced to the volunteers, who in turn, will go out on the streets and share the Gospel with Arabs.
  • Follow-up.  A new follow-up stream was launched last summer. Right now, apps are being programmed and the system is being modified to be more effective.  Pray that the apps will be added to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with little challenge.  Pray for the developer to have wisdom as the system is developed further.  Pray for the volunteers to embrace the new technology.
  • Reception of a New Concept.   We want to move into ‘multiplication’ mode where the Gospel flows into and through families to their extended families and tribes.  This will require a different approach by the volunteers as well as a different level of receptivity by the hearers.  Pray for God to make volunteers super sensitive to identifying Persons of Peace who will be conduits of the Gospel.  Pray now for God to prepare the ‘soil’ to be receptive and productive.
  • Ask the Heavenly Father for fruit that lasts, that is, individuals who will receive the Gospel and share Christ with their families and for multiplying groups of followers to form.
  • Pray for the Father to prepare the hearts (and bodies) of the leaders who will beforehand have eight very challenging weeks of preparation and work.

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