Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

M5 – Pray for the Muslim World

M5 is a prayer initiative inviting Christians to spend at least 5 minutes in prayer twice a week to pray for Muslims to become Jesus-followers; to understand Jesus’ love for them and that He paid the price for their sins so that they can have full assurance of God’s forgiveness and have complete assurance of going to heaven. Subscribe now and stay informed of prayer needs in the Muslim world. You can also watch More than Dreams, which are five true stories of Muslims whose lives were transformed when they saw Jesus Christ in a dream or a vision. May this encourage you to continue in fervent prayer for the Muslim world!

Sheikhs and Imams

A sheikh is a leader of a community, village, town or a tribe.  An imam is a leader of a mosque. They are influential people in their communities.

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Social media and personal contact

Social media has taken away historic obstacles of sharing the gospel message. We must also remember that newborn Christians need fellowship with other Christians.

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Secular Muslims

These people will still call themselves Muslims, but are not in any way practising Islam anymore.

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Salvation… and increasing persecution

While it is true that increasingly more Muslims are becoming followers of Jesus, it is also a disturbing fact that persecution against Christians is as severe as ever and, in some places, even worse than before.

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You have to love them

When we pray for Muslims, we must pray for them because we love them. Many destructive and harmful things were and are being done in the world at the hands of many Muslims and people get hurt.

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Camp Moria

In Greece’s Camp Moria, there are 1 600 school-aged children right now.  Only 400 of that 1 600 children have any kind of an educational program.

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4 Things to Pray for Muslims

Father, I ask for open doors to spread the Gospel.  “Devote yourself to prayer that God may open a door to proclaim Christ.”(Colossians 4:2-3)

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Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

On Saturday 25 August 2018, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh held demonstrations and prayer gatherings to mark the one-year anniversary of their flight from Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

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Crisis and opportunity

The constant stream of refugees to Europe is increasing the crisis. It is also a huge opportunity for the church to reach these people.

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Continual displacement

People are displaced on a daily basis because they need to flee ongoing violence (political and religious) between warring factions, disunity, greed and century-old wounds that “demand revenge.”

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