Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

M5 – Pray for the Muslim World

M5 is a prayer initiative inviting Christians to spend at least 5 minutes in prayer twice a week to pray for Muslims to become Jesus followers; to understand Jesus’ love for them and that He paid the price for their sins so that they can have full assurance of God’s forgiveness and have complete assurance of going to heaven. Subscribe now and stay informed of prayer needs in the Muslim world.

Rebuilding Syria

The country needs to be rebuilt. The economy needs to be re-established. New jobs, new employment need to be created!

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Honour killings

Honour killings are quite common in Islam. Honour killings occur especially when a Muslim change his/her religion.

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Aleppo is God’s paradise

“Aleppo is God’s paradise,” one leader explained. “There is a new Syria in God’s heart,” declared the other pastor.

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A troubled Iraq

Iraq is suffering much turmoil. There are many factions that want a piece of the land and want some position in the government.

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