Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Recently I met some refugees – a woman and her parents. Her father of 91 was with her. They managed to escape from Syria and has been living in Egypt for some years. They are happy to be there. Another woman travelled from Syria via Sudan to Egypt. She is not satisfied. Her son, ten years old, was sitting next to her. A bomb exploded close to him. Twelve of his friends died right there before his eyes. Some of them are maimed for life. She wants to go to the “paradise” – Europe – the land of milk and honey. She is sure there is a future there for them.

All of them tell how people are coming to Christ in their homelands. One lady from Iraq tells of a priest in her hometown that is baptising 20 converts per week. Syria, however, produces more Christians than any other country. Lebanon is the country where most Syrians come to Christ. One man told me that even if a thousand workers are sent to Lebanon, the work is still too fast and too much.

Muslims are coming to Christ. Many “traditional and nominal” Christians are being born again. They are running into the safe shelter of the arms of Jesus – suddenly understanding the meaning of the cross and the blood – experiencing the peace and love that is in Jesus.

I also met with Iraqi people. They tell the same story. Many, many Christians fled, but many people are receiving Christ. A new church is rising in their nation.

It is harvest time.

  • Pray for these new converts. Pray for people to teach them the basic principles of following Jesus.
  • Pray for many more workers to gather in the harvest. This window of opportunity will not last. 

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