Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

One of the most basic forms of evangelising the people in the Middle East and North Africa is to provide basic education. Many of the children have not seen the inside of a school, and some of them have not been in a school for seven years.

Quite a number Christian NGOs are focusing on giving basic education to children. They teach them the language, maths, to read and write, life skill and basic life values. But there are also opportunities to share with them about Jesus. Scripture is not forced down on them, but the teachers know that the best way of teaching “life” to children, is to demonstrate life to them.

One eleven-year-old boy’s (*Peter) house was bombed one morning. His grandpa, dad and one of his siblings died in the explosion. His mom took him and two other siblings and fled to Lebanon. He was eventually enrolled in a Christian NGO school. One of the leaders of this group asked Peter what he wants to become one day: “A terrorist.” He went to school for five years, and all that he learned was how to be a terrorist, hatred, violence and killing. After a year someone asked Peter again what he wants to become one day. “A peacemaker. I am not sure it will be a police peacemaker or a pastor, but I want to be a peacemaker. Jesus gave me peace and I want to bring the peace of Jesus to other people.”

There are many such stories.

Children whose lives will be changed in these schools, will one day become “missionaries” of peace, bringers of hope and people that will share the good news of Jesus with people.


  • For Christian NGOs to not only provide children in Christian schools with high-quality education, but that they will also be able to share about Jesus.
  • Pray for more qualified and Spirit-filled teachers that will be able to bring high-quality education to these traumatised children.
  • ¬†Pray for trauma counsellors that can come to help these war orphans and traumatised children to be set free and to find some normality in their lives.

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