Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

On 8 November Christians all across South Africa are asked to gather in churches or groups between 18:00-20:00, to pray concerning violence and crime, as well as the ongoing drought.

This is a call issued by the Dutch Reformed Church – asking Christians in all denominations to continue to cry out to God to intervene for the sake of people in South Africa concerning these issues.

Luke 18:7 – “If you pray night and day, I will make right what is wrong. (Paraphrased)

There is a definite increase of prayer in our country. Both Jesus and Paul, in the Scriptures, placed great emphasis on persevering prayer.


Watch calls to pray 8 November 2017

Bennie Mostert, Jericho Walls Prayer Network
Barry Isaacs, Transformation Africa
Linda Gobodo, Vuka Afrika Foundation


Prayer about the crime, violence and corruption in South Africa
Prayer against domestic violence
Murders and farm murders in South Africa
Pray for end to the drought

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