Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Over the last two decades, significant numbers of Kabylie Berbers returned to Christianity. Centuries ago the Berbers were Christians, but in the seventh century, Islam conquered North Africa and the Berbers, and other groups were forced into Islam.

In the early 1990s after much prayer and fasting, a group of young people became Christians, and a movement started where Kabylies became Christians. It can be described as a real revival. The government even protected places of worship.

However, during the last few months, missionaries were thrown out of the country and churches closed. By March 2018 more than 100 churches were already closed.

Muslims are disturbed by the fact that so many people are leaving Islam and converting to Christianity. The government is trying to find “legal” reasons to close these churches. This also means no one has been allowed to plant new churches.  So they gather in house churches to stay under the radar. There are many stories of Muslims having dreams or visions, or coming to Christ because of a message they heard on a radio or television broadcast. There are also cases of one-on-one evangelism and Bible distributions being the key to Muslims hearing about Jesus.


  • For Christians to stand firm and to find legal ways to continue practising their faith and for permission to open their churches.
  • For Christians to continue to come together for fellowship.
  • The church in Algeria is a very missional church – not only reaching out to the unsaved but also sending Algerian missionaries to other nations.  Pray that they will continue to do that. 
  • Some Christians will have to leave their homes to escape violence from their friends and family. Pray for their protection and that God will provide for them regarding good, jobs and housing.
  • The reality is is that this kind of pressure on and intimidation of the Church, causes people to become more inward in their faith and not to share it. Again, we need to be wise. The Bible does tell us that. On the other hand, we also want to pray that our brothers and sisters would not be intimidated.

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