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I don’t believe there are any believers who, deep down, don’t want to read their Bibles. But almost 90% of all believers struggle to do so on a regular basis. Some start well, then fall behind on a reading plan, and just give up. Others simply feel overwhelmed not knowing where to start.  Following are some myths and suggestions to get you started with fresh zeal this year!


Demystifying reading through the Bible

Myth 1:    You must start in Genesis and press on to the end

Some find it interesting to start by reading the Bible stories of the Old Testament. Others want something more simple and start by reading a book of their choice. You do not have to start in Genesis. Start where you feel comfortable and do not compare yourself to others.

Myth 2:    If you fall behind you may just as well stop

It is quite normal to feel like this. What is more important than keeping a schedule or reading plan though, is to simply keep on reading. Having said that, the use of a reading plan does help keep us on track. When you do choose a reading plan, choose one with ‘tick boxes’ but without dates. Very few people are faithfully able to keep to a 365-day reading plan 100%. A slow reader is better yet than a no-reader! The key remains; do not stop!

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