Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


At Jericho Walls we are passionate about equipping believers with resources that will take them deeper in their prayer life. God has called us to unceasing prayer for all people and in all circumstances. He wants us to mature spiritually and to take up our place as prayer warriors for the advancement of His kingdom.  The resources we provide will equip you with practical ways to grow in your prayer life and with inspiration to realise the impact God wants to effect through your prayers. Our resources are available in a number of different languages so more people can be equipped. Use the search function at the top of this page to find the articles that you are looking for.

Die Uur wat die Wêreld Verander

Dick Eastman, in sy boek “The hour that changes the world”, doen aan die hand dat ‘n mens ‘n uur in 12 periodes van 5 minute elk indeel. Hier is ‘n opsomming van die 12 vorme van gebed. (Also available in English)

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31 Word Prayers

E. W. Kenyon once said: "Fasting and long hours of prayer do not build faith ... Reading books about faith and men of faith and their exploits stirs in the heart a deep passion for faith, but does not build faith. The Word alone is the source of faith." Andrew Murray...

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Youth Dating: in or out?

Dating is important to all young people. It is a matter of urgency to us that we find the person we would like to get married to. It is still the deepest need of even those who just want to be in a relationship, want to 'enjoy' life and create the impression that they...

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Gebedswandeling (Prayerwalk)

Die doel van “prayerwalking” is om elke stukkie van ’n bepaalde gebied vir die Here op te eis.  Josua 1:3 sê: “Elke plek waar julle voetsool op sal trap, dit gee Ek aan julle … ” "Prayerwalkers" interpreteer hierdie en ander verse wat dieselfde sê, geestelik sowel as...

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Pray the Promises of God

According to Everet E.Storms there are 7959 promises in Scripture made by God. Caleb lived forty years on one promise. How may years can we live on 7959 promises?

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