Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Christianity flourished in Algeria between the fifth and seventh centuries but gradually disappeared after the Arab invasions. Although new churches were started under French rule, an entirely local church has been born in recent years among the Berber people. Its extraordinary growth in the last few decades is thought to be the fastest in the Arab world – several thousand new believers are baptised every year!

Whilst the growth of the Church here is exciting and encouraging, it also brings challenges. Within this ‘First-Generation Church,’ there is a great need for discipleship, strong biblical teaching, and encouragement for believers.

SAT-7 is responding to this need by broadcasting a variety of programs to encourage and disciple Algerian believers. Viewers have the opportunity to experience worship services and biblical preaching through My Church in Algeria. This broadcasts every week from a large, Kabyle-speaking church in northern Algeria. Around 1,000 people attend the services, and approximately 80 believers are baptised each month.

One of the programs, Bible Teaching from Algeria, explores the central concepts of Christianity and provides practical guidance from the Bible to help individuals with questions that they may have as new believers. It helps to counter unhelpful doctrines and helping illiterate people understand how they can communicate with God each day through prayer and worship.

One Algerian Berber viewer contacted SAT-7 to say, “Every Tuesday night I call my friends in the village and ask them to join my family to watch the testimonies of brothers and sisters in My Church who came to know the Lord. God changed their lives! We even watch the re-run on Fridays. We need these kinds of programs!”

Recent research into SAT-7’s audience demonstrates the spiritual hunger of this young Church in Algeria, with around 1 million viewers.


  • For an increase in the number of viewers of the SAT-7 programs and the powerful working of the Holy Spirit through these programs.
  • For the establishing of a strong church in Algeria.

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