Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

In Isaiah 62:6-7 God is calling watchmen to pray night-and-day for peace and restoration.

Jesus says in Luke 18:7 that if we pray night and day the Father will make right what is wrong.


“7 Days on the WALL” is a national call to every expression of the Body of Christ in South Africa to take one week to earnestly seek God for spiritual breakthrough in our nation by praying night-and-day. It is part of a world-wide 24/7 prayer movement seeking revival in the nations, that has constantly grown since the late 1980’s.

Since the establishment of this initiative in South Africa in 2013, more than 4,000 local churches, schools and different groups across the nation have each taken at least one week to pray for revival in their churches and communities. Another growing phenomenon is the development of local community-based prayer networks. Since September, 2013, 47 such networks have been established that are calling the local body of Christ to pray.

Imagine all 900+ cities and towns in South Africa praying in 7 Day watches for:



SOCIAL JUSTICE – Luke 18:7-8

It only takes 24 individuals
to pray for one hour per day
to cover all the hours of the week!


Why Now? Why 24/7?
Social unrest, a struggling economy, a severe national drought, and other serious challenges faced by South Africans at this time, are causing people all over the nation to lose hope. There is a growing need for Christians across the Body of Christ, to unite in sustainable persevering prayer for our nation.

Simple Strategy

  • Set up a creative 24/7 prayer room at you church, or a neutral venue in your community.
  • Establish a 24/7 “prayer wall”, encouraging believers to fill all the hours of the week.
  • Encourage different groups in your church to take specific hours in corporate prayer during the 168 hours.
  • Organise corporate prayer/worship meetings in the mornings and evenings.
  • Do prayerwalks in different parts of your community.
  • Preach on prayer and revival a few Sundays prior to your 7Days.
  • Make space for the young people to have there own prayer meeting, a half-night, or even an all-night of prayer on Friday or Saturday.
  • Include different types of prayer, worship and testimonies as part of your corporate meetings.

Register your 7Days online and receive more prayer information and practical guidelines. You can also register by contacting the Jericho Walls Office at or 021 919 7988.


Revival Resources

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